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European Projects


Keeping up-to-date with improvements in technology, Ian has been actively involved in recent EU projects:

EMOLD proposes a new concept of plastic injection processes in which moulds will pass from being passive elements to become networked active elements with embedded knowledge.

Moulds will be fitted with “Black Box” technology to enable them to be accessed and adjusted remotely; moulds will interact with the injection system; the mould sensor will keep track of modifications and detect wear conditions; process data will be stored and analysed. The impact will create massive reductions in the set up phase, faulty batches and machine downtime. The moulding processes will be more efficient, resulting in more confidence to the final customer. More information…

HIPERMOULDINGThe main aim of this project is to reduce cycle times in the injection moulding process, more specifically through the optimization of the positioning of the cooling channels (conformal cooling). To achieve this, each of the different stages of manufacture of injection moulds will be studied, seeking to determine the technologies and procedures required.
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